First Boris unveiled his package of new restrictions that will last six months and reserved the right to impose even tougher measures over the coming weeks if this is considered to be necessary.

Then along came Rishi with his Winter Economy Plan, a raft of schemes intended to keep the UK economy afloat during those tough six months. He warned that he cannot save every job or every business.

There is some optimism that these measures from No.10 and No.11 will provide an element of support for the business sector, but it is generally expected that many jobs will be lost and that many companies will struggle to survive in a difficult environment, made more complex by the necessity for working from home, spaced and screened office layouts, staggered working patterns, and other strategies devised by business owners to keep their workforces covid-safe.

The companies that survive these unprecedented challenges will be the ones playing their “A Game”. Teamwork and collaboration at all levels will be essential if a successful outcome is to be achieved.

People-management skills will be tested like never before and effective leadership will be a vital component in the operational success of every company.

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