Leadership Consultancy

Delivered by World-Class Coaches

Leadership consultancy is not a training program, nor is it executive coaching.

It is a way of looking at your leadership capacity and turning it to your ultimate advantage.


Our Coaches work with:

How Can We Help?

Leading Change

We work with leaders to manage change effectively and successfully.  As a result, we help you achieve your vision, embed values, and improve culture.

Decision Making

Our consultants will work through proven processes to help develop your decision-making skills that will benefit you, your employees, your customers and your stakeholders.

Innovative Thinking

As organizations face increasingly complex futures, creativity is seen as the #1 leadership skill needed.  We’ll help you develop your skills and apply the Innovative Thinking Leader Model.

Emotional Intelligence

Our consultants work closely with you to develop resilient people, teams, and cultures, no matter the challenges.


We’ll work with you to identify areas to develop – handling demanding situations, dealing with different behaviours, or presenting confidently.


We’ll coach you to instil helpful habits and processes and agree on clear goals so you are able to work more effectively and productively. 

Why Work With Star Development UK?

Star Development UK’s purpose is to provide business owners & leaders the opportunity to drive business growth and self-development by unlocking their leadership potential.

We’re focussed on ensuring our clients get value from their consultants and mentors; that they see a return on their investment, and can transfer their skills immediately into the workplace. 

We don’t stick to rigid programmes.  Our clients enjoy flexibility and programmes are tailored to their needs and timescales. 

Our team of world-class coaches lies at the core of our success.

We’re proud to boast some of the most well-recognised names in leadership coaching from across many industries, which helps clients gain different perspectives than they may have done while working within their own industry network.

Our Consultancy Process

A Discovery Call

See how we can help you with your leadership development. Book your 30 minute Discovery Call with Stuart. 

Match You With The Perfect Coach

We’ll suggest 2-3 coaches who we believe will fit your needs.  Once you’ve made your choice, your coach will contact you.

Your Coach

Your journey starts now!  Your coach will support you in between consultations and keep you updated with relevant information.

Behavioural Change

Morale & Motivation

Enhanced Corporate Performance

Greater Employee Engagement

What Are The Benefits?

• We help you realign your leadership models with your aspirations and goals.

• We delve into your leadership capacity and help you become a better leader.

• We’ll understand how to help you develop the people side and commercial side of your business.

• Our Leadership Consultancy helps support you on an individual basis; to focus on your personal and professional growth.


Ready To Make A Start?

Book your free 30 minute Discovery Call. 

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