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A skilled leader doesn’t just practice awareness, open-mindedness and a willingness to listen and learn. A skilled leader has pre-emptive strategies in place to prevent issues before they arise.

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Meet Stuart

“I spent 12 years in the British military delivering development training to officers, special forces, trade instructors, and everyone in between. I have found that leadership skills are just as necessary in business as they are on the battlefield.

Upon leaving the military and soldiering my way into the corporate world, I quickly found that surrounding myself with people outside my circle of influence brings a fresh perspective, challenging established ideas as well as testing thought processes and decision making.

I am a people person, with a passion for helping others.  I use my experience in developing training to identify and overcome issues preventing achieving full potential in the workplace.”

Our Mission

To empower thousands of business owners to elevate their teams’ productivity and their own work by returning to the fundamentals of leadership and unlocking their potential.

“Most companies we work with are usually founded by very capable individuals who know their products and markets inside-out, and deservedly find themselves with successful growing companies.

At this growth stage, you might find yourself with an increased team but deflated productivity. It’s one thing to know in your own mind what is needed, where you are aiming for, and what needs to happen next. But to get that message across to others, who don’t yet have the same vision and commitment that you have, can be a daunting challenge.”

Don’t suffer in silence!

While business founders have the industry knowledge and entrepreneurial know-how to get their companies off the ground, there is often a discrepancy in communication and people-management, which forms an obstacle to driving the company forward as a unit.

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